Several types of gifts and the customer's State of mind

    1, utility-type: pens, books, ties, wallets, perfumes, lighters, cigarette holders, all types of rackets such as the most commonly used.

    2, device type: desk calendar, Maneki Neko (similar mascot of the cattle, sheep), "Crystal decoration", "Crystal" and so on.

    3, token type: transportation card (full value, of course), mobile phone recharge cards, various supermarket vouchers such gifts benefit goes without saying, send, take benefits!

    4, luxury-type: Watch commemorative gold bars.

    5, collection: combining age and events and meaningful gifts, such as official gifts issued by the Olympic Games.

    er treat gifts of mind, customer analysis:

   -1, good face: such clients felt someone send him things, unique face in front of family and friends. Take note that hand-me-down to be able to get out, such as the Chinese new year holiday, you can take home bags.

    2, value: this type of customer is the boiled dumplings in a teapot – heart on the line, and still affordable.

   -3, took the opportunity to lay eggs: this type of customer is more difficult, however, advise you to try to meet it, but he asked not too over budget. This type of kid you don't get this list do you hard!

    4, Lions open: this class is a key figure in the list, well, usually would like to send you all get a chance to send, don't run!


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