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    custom personalized gifts Description:

    custom personalized gifts, also known as DIY,DIY is short for do it yourself gift refers to either gifts can be customized to the user (such as: mugs, pillows, t-shirts, mouse pads, crystals, and other items) printed on your favorite patterns and characters. Users simply select the gift and upload your own photos or adding text, and confirm the order, there are some Web sites can be designed gift effect chart manufacture personalized products and in accordance with user requirements and distribution to the designated location, a new online shopping activities.

    the key characteristics of such goods is its uniqueness, is also an important sign of such items is different from other articles. At present, the Web sites that do this kind of services is one of the few, and most of them located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other coastal areas, the Mainland is relatively small.

    is due to its uniqueness and scarcity in the market, results in higher prices for such products, when you select the service business, it is best to do comparison shopping, because the production process, prices became the main reference!! Shipping cost is also an issue if too far, shipping charge added, no deal!!

    is necessary to explain, the current market is not yet mature, there are one person operating the Web site, or even just a phone number and QQ number, don't even have a fixed, and what Office is located in the residential area, such services could not keep up, please carefully!

    This product trends so that more young friends have accepted, because it embodies, "innovation, intention, mind, the concept of courtesy light of friendship" idea, send, send friends and relatives, the teacher can feed your mind. Personal unique friendship, widely thought to create a unique gift.

    personality gift custom needed know:

    Please detailed to will custom of gift media, and specifications, and color, and material, and number, related information told we of customer service personnel, if custom of gift need plus your company of logo, and standard Word, please will logo, and standard word of vector format file or not effect gift custom quality of file sent to we of personality gift custom customer service personnel.

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